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Dark Matter and weeHouse!

  • Dr. Chick Woodward joined the faculty of the Department of
    Astronomy at the University of Minnesota in 2000. He received is
    doctorate in Physics & Astronomy, and Masters at the U. Rochester,
    and a BA from Dartmouth College.  His primary research activities comprise observational research programs on comets, evolved stars, and stellar populations using a variety of space-based (e.g., Hubble, Spitzer, Chandra, Swift, XMM-Newton) and ground-based facilities. Woodward has coauthored over 175 papers as well as numerous books and other monograms. He  serves on NASA, National Science Foundation, and United States National Gemini Science Center sponsored review panels, and referees journal articles for Nature, the Astrophysical Journal, Icarus, and the Astronomical Journal. Recently he participated in the NASA Planetary Mission Discovery Selection Committee deliberations, a solicitation that selected the Mars Insight Mission as the next major planetary probe.

  • Geoffrey Warner is the founder of Alchemy, weeHouse, and an avid proponent of efficient housedesign. Alchemy concentrates on art and industry while maximizing the impact of modest budgets through creative construction technologies and celebrating a sense of “tightwad panache.” Alchemy’s completion of the first weeHouse in 2003, then just an inexpensive prefab cabin, gained international attention as a symbol of architectural optimism. Since then, Alchemy has widened its scope, developing the weeHouse as a prefabricated answer for cabins, houses, offices, rooftop studios, and multi-unit developments.  Projects have been published in numerous national and international magazines, books, blogs,and cyberspace slots including: The New York Times, Dwell, The Wall Street Journal, Time,Wired, Interior Design, and Kiplinger’s along with, CBS Marketwatch and The Huffington Post.