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Muskies meet Math


the space is fluid and deep
enough to enter and you

want to pull something
firm and maybe

cold out of it: the
fact tensing

beneath the surface:
a thing that wants

to be held
in the hand.

Mike Bazzett
Odd Socks Audience Member

  • Philosopher of Math, Janet Folina is a Professor of Philosophy at Macalester College, and President of the International Society for the History of the Philosophy of Science.  Her research is in the philosophy of mathematics and its history. She’s particularly interested the visualization of proof—how visual information brings mathematical insight.

  • Musky Hunter, Jack Supple is obsessed with the muskellunge, the apex predator of freshwater and has spent thousands of hours pursuing giants in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Canada.  Jack also has a long career in the ad industry: he’s served as Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at Carmichael Lynch and recently formed Pocket Hercules, an agency that was named Midwest Small Agency of The Year by Ad Age in 2009.