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The Visible Air: Recent Innovations from The Gymnasium



An exhibit of The Gymnasium’s recent innovations around climate stewardship is on display now through the fall of 2015 at The McKnight Foundation’s Cynthia Binger Boynton Lobby Gallery.

The Gallery is located at 710 S 2nd St #400, Minneapolis, MN 55401. Hours are 8 AM- 5PM M-F.

Three innovations, generated first at a weekend long innovation workshop on the topic of Air and subsequently developed through working groups composed of scientists and artists, are on display.  An Air Booth will identify the air quality here and throughout the world through connection with a smart phone–and it will also play a musical composition inspired by that air quality; a video game called “Climate Rage” is depicted through artists’ renderings, and a new language for qualities of air are on display in various stages of comple­tion.