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Climate Rage

Inspired by the exaggerated visuals and experience of a carnival,  Climate Rage is a video game for believers and non-believers in climate change.


How do you get to the carnival — by bus, bicycle, limo? The choices you make help create the experience your avatar has within this fast-paced, white-knuckle adventure video game. This game lets players battle to either preserve their current way of life or harness the power to change it for the better. Inspired by the exaggerated visuals and experience of a carnival, Climate Rage takes players on wild rides inspired by real-world climate issues; into the dark recesses of the ways in which energy is made and sold; and brings a body of information about energy and climate that can inform players as they play various levels of the game. The game has real-time capabilities that allow players to upload their own climate challenges and participate in the potential for creatively solving problems with others. The renderings shown here are by artists Jo Yeh and Alexander Mitchell, who helped visualize the world, rides, and experience of Climate Rage.

Climate Rage working group
Eleanor Savage, activist and producer
Alissa Oppenheimer, wind engineer
Greg Cummins, filmmaker and sailor
Kira Obolensky and Robert Rosen, The Gymnasium co-founders
Jo Yeh and Alexander Mitchell, illustrators/artists




I went to the climate fair
All the people were there
With their cars and their scooters
The workers, the looters
So many people! The air is thick
The corn, the hot dogs, the stuff to lick
I went to the climate fair
The clowns and the creeps were there.
A slag heap poised on the edge to climb
Save the school in the nick of time!
Or take the mine, diamond or coal
Or grab a gun, shoot water in a hole.
“Look at this kids,” says the barker with a leer
“I’ve got a tornado caught on the end of a rope”
A hurricane strains to escape its cage
Thrashes and churns, screaming with rage
I went to the world’s fair
Everyone was there
We all had six coins and a bill
To play, to buy, to survive the thrill
I went on a ride
I almost died
And got up and brushed off
And did it again.







The Siberian Sinkhole
The permafrost is warming and methane gas is escaping in great explosions. The temperature is rising and more sinkholes begin to erupt. You can’t stay in one place too long. If you jump into a sinkhole you are shot out again into another Siberian wasteland. If you land near Norilsk you can’t drink the water or eat any local food because it is poisoned from the nickel plant.


The Kill-o-Watt Rollercoaster Ride
The Kill-o-Watt takes you on a ride through the energy landscape. The longer you can stay on the rollercoaster, the more points you can accrue. As you embark, you are provided with a backpack of accessories to augment and extend your Kill-o-Watt experience: a gas mask, a dust mask, and a radioactive vest. You’ll notice, also, that your car has a switch panel that will let you change tracks. Coal? Solar? Wind?