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In October 2015, leading scientists, poets, theater artists, landscape architects, energy consultants, musicians, paper makers, filmmakers, business and social entrepreneurs, and visual artists gathered at The Gymnasium’s Studio for a weekend long Tink Tank around the topic of HIVE.

Bee Arts - artist gather to create bee related artwork

It all started when Dr. Marla Spivak, the award-winning entomologist participated in an Odd Socks event (topic: bees meet the zombie apocalypse). Excited by The Gymnasium’s energy and creative approach to innovation, she enlisted us to help foster connection between artists who are interested in bees and the entomologists and beekeepers who constitute the University of Minnesota’s Bee Lab. With the Minneapolis College of Art and Design as a partner, we all began the process of finding a truly diverse group of people, ranging in age, cultural background and subject matter expertise.  The 25 participants represented fields of poetry, theatre, dance, musical and sound composition, digital technologies, and visual arts (including installation-based, conceptual and public art), as well as beekeeping, entomology, botany, physics, chemistry, and archaeology.


 “My science brain craves recreation and wandering, and The Gymnasium always serves them up.  The HIVE workshop was a vacation in town:  cutting and pasting, acting out silly scenes, free-associating thoughts, playing music, being a bee instead of investigating bees — with a room full of adults, each more creative than the next, all willing to step over their heads, out of their heads and into a Hive Mind, where in fact no one had a clue what that entailed, yet everyone managed to get there.  Thanks to Shawn, Irve, Kira and Robert for inviting us to play bees at their place. “  Dr. Marla Spivak, entomologist, founder of the University of Minnesota Bee Lab.

Bee Arts - artist gather to create bee related artwork