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Prototypes from the HIVE at MCAD

In spring of 2016, an exhibit at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Gallery, BEE ARTS: PROTOTYPES FROM THE HIVE, showcased three resulting prototypes that emerged from the Tink Tank collaborations.5I2A5570
The first prototype was a mock-up of a digital game, Just Bee, which duplicates the reality of bee life, both within the hive and on the nectar range. Through the gaming experience, users “act” as bees through physical monitoring and action while learning of bees as they exist in the wild, cultivated and in-between spaces of the world. The game provided opportunity for users to cultivate their “Beeness” while learning about this crucial player in our ecosystem.

The second prototype was an installation of large collage panels that have been cut up and embedded into sheets of handmade paper. These individual, honeycomb-like elements could be reconfigured into various sculptural formats and reused.

The final prototype brought together a structure, performance, and sound, which created an immersive space for learning and thinking. One could stand inside the semi-closed structure to experience a moment of a bee larvae. This freestanding structure was used as part of a public art piece that could be transported to different locations and accompanied by a live chanting event (approximately 20-30 minutes long.

The exhibit also featured two gallery talks that brought together participants from the HIVE workshop, including Amanda Degener, Irve Dell, D. Mort Eicher, Becky Masterman, Marcus Young, Christine Baeumler, Mary Ludington, Robert Rosen, and Peng Wu.