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The Gymnasium
Studio 206
2637 27th Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55406


What exactly is The Gymnasium?  
Founded and led by four artists, The Gymnasium is a consortium of creative risk takers from the arts and from outside of the arts.

Where is The Gymnasium based?
The Gymnasium is based in the Twin Cities at Studio 206, a 3100 square foot workspace in the Ivy Building in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis.

What does The Gymnasium do?
Tink Tanks—The Gymnasium hosts innovation workshops that bring together groups of creative people from different disciplines around a topic to create and ideate. The Gymnasium uses the arts as a nexus for connections with education, science, industry, culture, business and innovation.
Odd Socks–a conversation series open to the public that presents experts from different fields talking about their passions.
Gym Thinking–a creative approach to idea generation that is physically engaging, play-based and designed to open up situations, innovations and imaginations.

What’s a Tink Tank again?
A Tink Tank is an innovation workshop in which people on The Gymnasium’s roster gather to create, play and innovate.  We’ve had four Tink Tanks: topics include Air, Memory, Cross-Disciplinary Courses, and Hive (October 2015).  We organize Tink Tanks for The Gymnasium and for other organizations.

How do you join The Gymnasium?
The Gymnasium is a rotating roster of individuals who have both depth of knowledge and experience in their own fields, as well as a curiosity and desire to engage with other ideas and people.  The Gymnasium is always looking for the right sort of person to join us.

What is the intended outcome for The Gymnasium’s activities?
The Gymnasium helps funnel ideas to implementers; it connects people from different fields; it enlivens our community; it invents ideas that contribute to the issues facing society now.

How did The Gymnasium start?
The Gymnasium started in 2007 when four enterprising artists—Shawn McConneloug, Kira Obolensky, Robert Rosen and Irve Dell– began to wonder how their creativity and ideas could intersect with the world outside of the arts. With support in 2012 from The McKnight Foundation, The Gymnasium has expanded its roster to include 40 people from across the country.

What’s the business structure of The Gymnasium?
The Gymnasium is a project of Studio 206, which is a 501(c) (3) organization.