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Tink Tank Roster

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Geoffrey Warner
Geoffrey Warner, principal of Alchemy Architects and weeHouse founder, likes to make things and build ideas.

Nor Hall
Nor Hall is one of a handful of graduates from the1960’s UCSC History of Consciousness PhD program. Author, performance researcher, ex-psychotherapist, contributor to shared quests in various fields, intellectual and experiential.

Peng Wu
I currently work for Bosch as a senior graphic designer. I work in art direction, brand communication, web, and motion graphics to create powerful and innovative design solutions. I believe every design project should be built on one single solid concept. Therefore, consistent level of conceptual output is more concerned rather than cohesive visuals among all my projects. I recently received my MFA in Graphic Design at MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) Class of 2013.

John Schade – Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies
I am an ecologist interested in understanding the cycling of elements in nature, and how human disruption of element cycles (through climate change and agricultural practices) influences the structure and function of ecosystems.

David Grant is a Minneapolis-based writer.

Jon Hallberg – Doctor
Jon Hallberg is an assistant professor of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School, medical director of the innovative Mill City Clinic in Minneapolis, regular health and medical analyst on MPR, and founder and host of Hippocrates Cafe.

Alissa Oppenheimer – Co-founder and Managing Director, Chamisa Energy LLC
Very much a science nerd.

Eleanor Savage is an activist, curator, producer, mentor and media artist working in service of art and human rights–the heart and soul of community.

Greg Cummins – Filmmaker, editor, instigator, collaborator and developer in film and the arts and world sailor.

Janet Dubinsky– Professor University of Minnesota Department of Neuroscience, director of BrainU, an internationally recognized leader in neuroscience education and co-lead of the I Neuron Project.

Marcus Young creates behavioral art in the form of personal practice and collective experience.

Michelle Hensley is artistic director and founder of Ten Thousand Things theater which brings award-winning professional theater to meet audiences in prisons, homeless shelters and housing projects, who have with little access to the wealth of the arts, but whose honest responses to the work cause a re-imagining of theater.

Maggie Broner is a Hispanic Linguistics specialist with interdisciplinary curiosity currently working on how to align the teaching of foreign languages with the ideals of a liberal arts education.

Andrew Welken produces images for stage and screen. A life-long interest in narrative, with more recent forays into quantum physics, urban farming, yoga and economics, shape his work.

Christina Haas holds a PhD in Rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon and is now Professor of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota.  Considers the mountains ‘home’ but is pretty keen on the TC too.  Likes to work.  Currently interested in the ways language — especially writing — is embodied.  Most important role right now:  as mentor to young scholars and thinkers.

Peter Gittins is a Clinical Professor at the University of St Thomas, MN. His teaching emphasizes team-learning, encourages independent thinking and focuses on developing life-long learning skills. His research background is in polymer chemistry and the macromolecular engineering of bio-inspired systems such as those for light-harvesting and artificial-blood.

Todd Boss is the author of two recent poetry collections (W. W. Norton & Co.), and is co-founder of Motionpoems, a poetry film company now collaborating with Graywolf, Milkweed, Copper Canyon and Ecco presses.

Brad Kaspari is a visual artist, sculptor and public artist with a particular interest in kinetic sculptural devices; he has completed numerous public art commissions across the country and  directs his own design and fabrication firm. Kaspari Design Services.

David Redish is a professor of neuroscience at the University of Minnesota, where he studies how animals (including humans) make decisions. He is also a poet and a playwright, and thinks there tends to be too much separation between art and science.

Rob Davis is director of communications and development at bswing, a product design and digital marketing services firm. Davis is also a member of the 2013 Creative Community Leadership Fellows cohort and previously served as director of communications and external relations at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Davis’ creative work has been covered in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Wired; referenced in the 25th anniversary edition of Trivial Pursuit; and included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

Debra Haugen is an independent Geological Engineering consultant with over 20 years of experience in environmental engineering. Since 2001, she has been actively involved in the research and market development of recycled asphalt shingles for use in asphalt pavement applications.

Omar Shehata is a computer science student at St. Olaf, originally from Egypt. He is passionate about programming and loves building things. When he is not reading or writing code, he is reading or writing about code. He’s very passionate about video games and believes them to be the art form of the future. He sees beauty in many things and feels it is his duty to help communicate this hidden beauty.

Christine Baeumler is an environmental artist and Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota who explores the potential of art as a catalyst to increase awareness about environmental issues and to facilitate stewardship. Her community–based environmental practice is collaborative and involves the ecological interventions on urban sites with attention to increasing biodiversity, providing habitat, improving water quality and the aesthetic dimension.

Matt Spector is a principal at ideation+ creation. He consults in design, renovations, project management, product development.


Cambridge, MA

David Rose – Innovator, Entrepreneur, Teacher
I’m currently CEO at Vitality, a wireless healthcare company that makes the award-winning GlowCap, the first Internet-connected medication packaging. Vitality was acquired in 2011.

New York City, NY

Daniel Alexander Jones– makes live art for the 21st century.

Montclair, NJ

Neil Baldwin – Writer, Professor of Dance and Theatre
Neil Baldwin is a widely-published cultural historian, biographer and critic. He is director of The Creative Research Center at Montclair State University. &

Nell Irvin Painter – historian, author, artist
Nell Painter, a painter who lives and works in Newark, New Jersey, received her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design after a scholarly career in American history at Princeton.

Boston, MA/Washington DC

Polly Carl is currently working on building the Center for Theatre Commons at Emerson College and editing the online theater journal HowlRound.